Are you normal?!


Today I had my evaluation by a bariatric psychologist. It took literally 15 minutes. All she did was ask me why I want the surgery and questions about by medical history. She sent in her approval letter right then and I am psychologically stable enough to have the procedure.

I am so happy that my process is moving along so quickly and I am checking things off of my list. My next appointment is not until November 15th where I go in for my 2/6 meeting with my primary doctor to document my weight and get my EKG which will be one more thing checked off my list.

QUESTION TO MY READERS: How is the whole sleep study process? Is it miserable? What do they do? I may or may not have to get a sleep study done because of my age ( I’m so young ) and because theres no history of sleep apnea in my family. But, if I do have to get a sleep study done I want to well prepared when it comes to what is expected.

Anyways, as I say in all of my post, I am beyond excited about becoming a whole new person following this procedure.


(10/22/14) Stay Tuned